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released December 25, 2011



all rights reserved


Skila New York, New York

Skila is an MC, Producer, Songwriter, & native New Yorker. Taking skill, integrity, & wisdom and turning it into a style, simply breathing. A founding members of Insomniac Dream, he produced and is featured on both their Mix CDs "Hello From The Gutter 1 & 2. In 2009 he released his solo album, Audionarcotics, which he produced 11 out of 17 tracks. Now late 2012 his latest CD - Deadly Art Of Living ... more

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Track Name: HANGMAN
Took my chances, changed my seasons
Colder weather, got my reasons
Pray to paper, power pleases
Thinking with my nether regions
Spittin life so convenient
Selective my allegiance
Free formlessness releases
While they fester in their grievance
See I'm needless of leeches
With speeches of nothing
Please! like sucking on my lesions
Makem sicker or something
Society bleaches
I'm outta touch & outta reaches
Why I still feel alone
Though I'm
Built to be a legion
Why I'm attracted to sharp objects
Can always hear kids teasing
To me hell seems like its freezing
Above sea level see demons
So easy I'm queezing
Awake but I'm dreaming
That I bleed a million reasons
And you're still looking for meaning

Tell me who that
Bugging pushing button stop at nothing
Calling bluffing huffing puffing meng!
I'll have you weeping WOLF!
While I'm drugging words are dragging
Trackem baggem toe taggem
Fucking ups heads without a canon
Smell me!
Like I'm reeking 80% proof
Spazzing like a rabid savage
Cynic with a scholar's cabbage
No picnic this music marriage
I'm pissed cause mama warned me
Can't fix this brain is damaged
See it on my face like it scarred me
I picked this world to ravage
But yall ain't got nothing for me!
This living like purgatory
Can't confuse paper with glory
Hard to believe the virtue of loyalty
Almost destroyed me
It took more pain then pleasure
To master this ceremony
I swear I'm the one and only
Times testing my testimony
Track Name: LAST LAUGH
Hahahaha Ha,
I'm high like a superstar
a supernova's how I feel
but we don't choose who we are
some embrace fear
they feel alive while they are
some live neck in noose
at their heels maggots gnaw
Nah I rather burnout
than fade away y'all
raw no matter how hot
I get the plate Alllllright
she burn and she ride
my kinda date alllllnight
chemically wired
feeling inspire yeah
Hahahaha Ha,
check out this bizarre
odd ball odds are
you're getting the picture
I'm the cash under your nose
that you didn't register
shorty ain't feeling me
then what if I fist her
more than a gist of
I make it crystal
Mr Fixit administer
a blitz of sick sinister bars
that bang not like a pistol
I a bazooka that bid you farewell
can't say that'll miss ya, hit ya

Hahahaha Ha,
so near but yet so far
frustrating like one lane
behind a slow car
I laugh at the irony
I can't hear my calls
They blast me for blasphemy
but we closer than y'all
don't ask me for amnesty
I guiltiest of all
passion flared up
so much fire my brain's charred
they memories shatter vanity
beautiful scarred
and they keep on eyeing me
but who's watching my temper, HUH
Hahahaha Ha,
watch out this orator
slash ripper getting off
going for your jugular
I guard the floodgates
that drown the sub-par
pissed off more than mothballs
in a mens stall
its been all or nothing
I bend and break laws
break a sweat, break my back
to see cheese like cameras
I make it count like abacus
abstract anarchist
devour worlds like Galactus
while I laugh at ya like
Hahahaha Ha,
Track Name: UNDERDOG feat Creature
Hellbent heaven sent in a world so violent
Soul pitch black yet he seems so vibrant
Loud mouth deaf fuck move so silent
Dudes pump gas but shorty siphon
Ugh get it ugly the mirror spite him
Shatter reflections ain't nothing like him
Learned to make moves like life don't like him
Die or bring the beast out like a Lycan
Lames is hating'em mommys like-ed him
stress like vitamins pop more viccadin
Bitches getting together like they dike'in
Reneging & breaking their words like a Hyphen
Fuckem I grip hope tight like a tyrant I
Squeeze the life outta whatever stifling
Trifling shame sniper rifle my aim silencing
Pain so loud my voices need counciling

Nice guy in a rush and a sore loser
equals "What the Fuck!"
You can't stop him, but he might self-destruct
A nut I am, I chase, along with a buck
Abduct a clucker
Leave her feathers ruffled and plucked
A muck I run, refuse to settle, but still stuck
Stone pillar I stand, paranoid as FUCK
When they cheer and clap
I get the feeling to duck
The coast clears when I spit
like what you got it your trunk
Burn trees down to the trunk
Till I go Gump
Nose bleed on the way up
They dare me to jump
Strip tease, smacking her as
She drinks from the pump
Bitch please, I gave you the dick
What more do you want
Too cool, blow in her ear
And freeze her brain up
Arctic breeze, what I breath
Like seasons change up
Blind by what you see
I'm deaf and hear much
Too high, outta reach,
This is something you can't touch, burn it up!

Give a fuck about the chatter in the background
Bet I make'em back down, yall act loud, rap clowns
Wanna be kings, I wanna stack crowns
This a champs sound, fuck a snack
I'm trying to pack pounds
Pick up a pen, put a smack down
Yeah the got flow, but the fuckers watered down
They claim they got doe, but them fronters walk around
Me, I blow a whole load, mostly in her mouth
A bit on her gown
Get it?
I got it, I spit it you cop it, to me its all logic
Melodic narcotic, they say I sound despotic
BITCH! what made me the topic?
I'm too heavy you'll drop it
Get off my dick and don't block it
See me coming and your eye socket
Is gone!